About us

Meet GADGETAP and our team.

We have started GADGETAP in 2016 with a clear goal in mind. High quality products at affordable prices for majority of the population, since most of the stores are either selling very high quality gear, which shows on the price, that not everyone can afford. Or in the other scenario, it's very cheap or counterfeit products, at low prices. But how are those going to serve you, your life and your surroundings, if they get broken after couple weeks, or even days of using, and are potentionally not even safe for you?

That's why we've went all the way, did more work than most shops do, and partnered with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers of smart devices, gadgets,  and phone accessories to eliminate the process of having to markup the prices in a significant manner to even make any profit. Due to our direct partnership with manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to provide convenient prices for our customers, as well as keeping decent profits for ourselves. This way, we keep everyone happy, and can run a better business for all the parties involved.

I'm really glad you came here, read our story, and i hope that you will enjoy shopping with us!

Steve Meyers, CEO

Foreign communication expert

Stephen makes sure, that we stay on top of our relationships with product suppliers, and always get our gear at the best prices. 

Stephen Price


Elise oversees all of our finances and makes sure they are on point, and tightly tracked, so we can keep slashing prices for our customers. 

Elise Smith

Chief of support

John leads our customer support team. In order to make our customers happy, they need to have full access to our team, and get all of their questions answered. John makes sure, that the whole support team does their job right.

John Barley

Product researcher

Alyssa brings you all of the awesome products, and works directly with Stephen, to assure sourcing them at the best prices possible.

Alyssa Green